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  Sep 30, 2023
  "Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."     ( Antoine de Saint-Exupéry )      "Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions"     ( Oliver Wendell Holmes )    
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  • Good course conducted by professional instructor

    Khalil Suhail
    Maintenance supervisor
    Alba Bahrain
  • It was a great opportunity to meet many people from different oil and gas companies and have beneficial discussions regarding reliability management and asset performance. I wish to see more reliability software vendors in 2011 to help and offer us the right solutions for our reliability requirements.

    Nawaf Awad
    Senior Programmer
  • The MAWA Plant Maintenance Conference was an excellent opportunity to learn new advancements and meet industry leaders. I found it very useful and interactive. It has also given me opportunity to share the knowledge as to how QatarGas are managing assets and reliability and receive positive feedback from operators in the region

    Qadeer Ahmed
    Reliability Engineer
  • The Workshop on Turnarounds and Shutdowns was just excellent and very interactive!

    Roy Festus
    Turnaround Planning Head

HSE Consultancy & Certifications

Auditing Services

 We offer Internal Audit services for companies already certified or in the process of certification for ISO 9000 / ISO 14000 / OHSAS 18000

• Review of Existing Documents.
• Conduct Internal Audit.
• Submit detailed Internal Audit and summary Reports.
• Recommendation for Improvement including changes if any.
• Review of Correction / Corrective Action reports.
• Gap Analysis
• Process Mapping
• Awareness Trainings
• Auditor Trainings – Lead & Internal

Our Internal Audits have proved to be an eye-opener for many organisations and found lot of improvement opportunities in business management systems.

Second Party Supplier / Potential Supplier Audit Services:

We carryout Second Party Audits of Supplier / Sub-Contractor / Out Sourced agency / Potential Supplier / Service Provider based on following criteria:

• ISO 9000 / 14000 / OHSAS 18000 / SMS Standard requirements.
• Companies own criteria.


Organization Surveys:

Culture Surveys

Our designed Culture Surveys provides your organization with detailed analysis of the performance focus of your culture, of the key culture attributes which help drive sales growth, increased productivity, improved employee satisfaction, profitability and shareholder value. Survey Focus

The Performance Culture Survey measures your culture based on six dimensions comprising 18 management capabilities. These include;

Stratgic Focus - the extent to which your organization has articulated, communicated and gained commitment to clear Vision and Strategic Direction

Cohesion - the ability of your organization to align strategy, people and processes around your vision, strategy and core values;

Participation - the extent to which you empower your build, create an effective team orientation, and encourage the development of internal capabilities;

Perforumance Focus - the commitment to performance targets, measurement and feedback, the incentivization of your people, and the management of consequences  

Learning - the ability of your organization to respond to external customer and market demands, initiate change and engender learning across organizational activities;

Affiliation - the extent to which your people are motivated, satisfied in their work, and committed to the organization.

Benefits of the global performance survey

We focus all surveys on ACTION. Hence, our reporting and planning systems are integral to the survey program. Benefits include:

Comprehensive graphical reports - a detailed graphical reports are provided for the Organization, and sub-sets for each Business Unit or region as required;

Analysis - your results are analyzed by Business Unit, Region and status groups in the organization;

Definitve road-map for action - your survey report contains a recommended ROAD MAP for improvement actions;

Action planning protal – the Action planning Portal enables clients to develop and monitor their Change Management ROAD MAPS;

Ease of administration – our Consultants will guide your coordinator throughout the survey process; an on-line briefing is provided for key managers and the program coordinator. Survey information booklets are provided for each participant.




Build up of a full Safety team
We help to build your safety team for Environmental hazards, Physical hazards, Chemical hazards and so on.


Analysis and Interpretation of accident statistics
We help you to analyze the potential and existing safety issue and recommend how to avoid tragedy.






Safety Audits
We can help to make sure all your safety plans are in place. We will recommend how to improve your safety system when necessary.


Safety Training
Our expert in Occupational safety and health can give you a very professional training so that every one in line with safety system.





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